Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Applying Self-Reliance, Gamification, and Reality Mining to Accelerate Integration

Deborah Peacock, a  New Mexico Angels board member colleague before my term ended, hosted a recent event featuring Edie Weiner, a Futurist at Weiner  Edrich, Brown. Edie spoke about trends in technology and society for two hours to a rapt audience of approximately two hundred people. 

I found three concepts immediately relevant to accelerating M&A talent integration based on her presentation and reading her Glossary for Futurists and Trend Watchers (available from Weiner Edrich, Brown, Inc.

·        -  Edie observed that The #1 personal ability today is self-reliance. As self-reliance and personal resiliency skills, are critical to surviving/thriving during M&A integration, both companies and individuals  benefit when these capabilities are developed.  

- As gamification is a leading trend, so crowd-sourced stop/start/ keep doing integration recommendations identified through a virtual collaboration platform could lead to improved integration course corrections.

- Edie's definition of  “reality mining is “the collection of technology-based data as it relates to human social behavior."  Holding up a 360 degree “reality” mirror of qualitative and quantitative integration insights across functions, locations, and levels leads to insights that might be missed by opinion surveys or MBWA. 

 I welcome your thoughts!